Queensland has experienced a number of unprecedented natural disasters in recent years which has stretched all levels of government and non-government organisations involved in community and disaster recovery activities. QCOSS has been working to provide the sector with information about disaster response and recovery and access to support, and to input into state government policy and program development for this and future disaster recovery. Through a research partnership with Griffith University, QCOSS delivered an innovative assessment tool for measuring community resilience in a disaster context. The project covered the Tablelands Regional Council, Rockhampton Regional Council and Chinchilla. An interactive website and information portal: Community Resilience Queensland ( was delivered. The research model, if extended, would allow all Queensland communities to assess their level of resilience.

Latest News, Information and Resources
Published: Feb 2013
In the event of a natural disaster QCOSS will host disaster related news, information and resources here. Further resources will continue to be available from the Community Door website.
Submission QCOSS Submission to Floods Inquiry 2011
Published: May 2011
If we get it wrong, and those at risk fall into poverty, it could mean 30 per cent of Queenslanders, or 1.2 million people, living in poverty. Further, children who grow up in poverty are more likely to live in poverty as adults. This makes it even more important that the way we plan to recover from disasters does not lead to further escalation or entrenchment of these issues.
Media Release QCOSS welcomes recovery funding
Published: Apr 2011
The Queensland Council of Social Service has welcomed the $39 million Federal and State package announced yesterday to support natural disaster recovery in Queensland. It is a timely announcement and gives some certainty to financial counsellors and others in the community services sector that funding is available to continue and expand services to those hardest hit by the floods and cyclones this summer.
Media Release Disaster recovery: let’s get it right
Published: Feb 2011
Get it right and Queensland’s disaster recovery will leave the state with fairer, more cohesive communities. Get it wrong and a third of our population could slip into poverty.
Media Release Grants to not-for-profits will help disaster recovery
Published: Feb 2011
Disaster relief grants to flood and cyclone-affected not-for-profit organisations announced today will make a substantial contribution to Queensland’s long-term disaster recovery, the Queensland Council of Social Service said today.
Media Release Thousands of local community groups backbone of flood recovery
Published: Jan 2011
Thousands of local organisations that are part of the not for profit community sector have thrown themselves into helping people recover from flooding throughout Queensland.
Media Release Crisis response unrivalled in Australian history
Published: Jan 2011
The Queensland Council of Social Service today paid tribute to the incredible work already done by the government, volunteer emergency services and the community sector during the flooding which has swept the state.