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Access to justice is fundamental to a fair and inclusive society and a central tenet in addressing disadvantage and inequality. However, an under-funded community legal sector and increased legislative impacts on disadvantaged people are causing gaps within legal service delivery.

Submission Crime Prevention: Submission to the inquiry on strategies to prevent and reduce criminal activity in Queensland
Published: Jul 2014
The submission calls on the state government to adopt a developmental approach to crime prevention by targeting investment at communities experiencing poverty and disadvantage to address the underlying risk factors associated with criminal behaviour.
Policy Paper Reducing Incarceraton
Published: Nov 2009
This policy paper outlines QCOSS' 2009 policy position on reducing incarceration and explores the key issues including: Rehabilitation and Release Practices, Move‐on Powers and Public Order Policing, Reducing Indigenous Imprisonment and Juvenile Justice. It concludes by outlining QCOSS recommendations for addressing these issues.
Policy Paper Human Rights and Access to Justice
Published: Nov 2009
Our Human Rights and Access to Justice policy position statement outlines the issues faced by disadvantaged Queenslanders in relation to their human rights and access to justice and includes our recommendations for addressing these issues.
Submission National Human Rights Consultation, 2009
Published: Jun 2009
The National Human Rights Consultation aimed to seek a range of views from across Australia about the protection and promotion of human rights. The Consultation was run by an independent Committee, who were supported by a Secretariat in the Attorney-General’s Department. The QCOSS submission primarily focusses on economic, social and cultural rights, and a human rights charter. It also contains information relating to homelessness and poverty, health, Indigenous rights, immigration and refugees, children and young people’s rights, and race discrimination.