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QCOSS recognises older Australians are particularly vulnerable to poverty with 39 per cent of single Queenslanders aged over 65 falling below the poverty line, a figure above the OECD average. With the numbers of Queenslanders aged 65 years and over projected to more than double in the next 15 years, there is a need for greater investment in early intervention and prevention programs, low cost housing, and other services for this demographic. QCOSS advocates for older Queenslanders through reports and various submissions.

Policy Paper Ageing
Published: Nov 2009
This policy paper outlines the key issues faced by Queensland's aged and outlines QCOSS' recommended responses from Governments including providing adequate income support, concessions and support services which are responsive to the needs of the aged.
Report The cost of living and age pensioner households: Issue 2
Published: Aug 2014
Single pensioners renting in the private market are likely to be paying nearly half their pension on rent, according to the latest Cost of Living Report: Special Edition - The cost of living and pensioner households.