Take Action Linking social-outcomes to infrastructure investment - a discussion paper
Published: Sep 2015
QCOSS has developed an infrastructure discussion paper as the basis for engagement with the community on how to better link infrastructure investment with social outcomes and we want to hear your ideas.
Submission A road is not just a road: linking social outcomes to infrastructure spending
Published: Jul 2015
In this submission to the Queensland Infrastructure Plan QCOSS provides a starting point for discussions and exploration of ways to get a better link between public expenditure on infrastructure and social outcomes.
Submission Review of public transport fares
Published: Jun 2013
This submission provides advice to the State Government regarding public transport fares for services operating within the TransLink network. This submission has been developed by the Queensland Council of Social Service with input from Rail Back on Track, Council of the Ageing (COTA) and the Multicultural Development Association (MDA). It was submitted to the government through the Public Transport Advisory Group.
Policy Paper Access to Transport
Published: May 2011
QCOSS recognises there are a number of issues needing review in the public transport system including accessibility and affordability. People who are most impacted by lack of transport access include the elderly, people with disability, those on low incomes, and communities in regional and remote areas.
Report Making them pay: Public transport cost barriers and Queensland’s unemployed job seekers
Published: Dec 2006
This project aims to determine the financial impact of Queensland Transport‟s concession policy on unemployed job seekers, and to examine the possible benefits of extending public transport concessions to this disadvantaged group.