Wages and pay equity

QCOSS continually advocates for pay equity for the community services sector. In the past this has meant supporting the Queensland case for pay equity and currently QCOSS is contributing to the federal Equal Remuneration Case. We also continually lobby for fair funding of wages and we are calling on funding providers to commit to provide new and full funding of any increases awarded by Fair Work Australia. Our work in this area also includes delivering events, resources, strategies and lobbying tools for community sector organisations to address the operational and strategic challenges that wages and pay equity raise.

Pay Equity Regulation Support Project
Published: Aug 2011
The Federal Government has released a Regulation which requires a number of employers in the Queensland SACS sector to pay staff in accordance with the Queensland Pay Equity Decision. QCOSS, NDS and Jobs Australia have commenced a joint project, funded by the Queensland Government, to assist employers affected by the Regulation.
Pay Equity Project
Published: Jan 2011
Information on the federal Equal Remuneration Case, the Vital Services, Decent Pay campaign. This page also includes resources for organisations to lobby for pay equity and funding to match and to address the workforce and organisational implications of their industrial relations obligations.
Take Action Lend your voice - QCOSS' 2016/17 pre-budget submission advocacy kit
Published: Jan 2016
You can be part of the campaign for change by meeting with your local Member of State Parliament, or by contacting your local media outlets, to raise awareness about the issues that are important to you and your organisation and how the government can best respond as part of its budget deliberations.
Pay Equity - A Snapshot
Published: Mar 2012
A snapshot of the current state of play regarding Pay Equity, Funding and the Industrial Relations changes occurring in the Queensland Community Services Sector.
Media Release Government action needed on pay equity crisis
Published: Sep 2011
Policy Paper Community Services Sector
Published: Nov 2009
QCOSS policy position in relation to the Queensland Community Services Sector. It outlines issues such as the need for culture change, funding approaches, ongoing challenges in the workforce and building sector capacity, It then recognises progress to date and outlines QCOSS recommendations for addressing the issues.