Water is essential to everyday life. However, there can be issues related to provision, service and affordability. QCOSS works to ensure fair and equitable access to water and wastewater services as part of its commitment to policy and advocacy on the part of low income consumers. Our work includes: input to policy decisions related to water; input to the regulatory framework; working with utility companies to make sure that they offer support to consumers who might have difficulty paying bills; education and publicity around water issues; and working to make sure that relevant concessions are available to consumers.

Water factsheets
Published: Jan 2019
QCOSS has developed some water factsheets to help those who are facing difficulties paying their water bills. The factsheets include information on what concessions and assistance are available, what to do if you can’t pay a water bill and information for tenants.
Submission Review of South East Queensland Customer Water and Wastewater Code
Published: Jun 2015
QCOSS has made a submission to the Department of Energy and Water Supply on the draft Water and Wastewater Code to represent the interests of South East Queensland water consumers, and particularly low-income and disadvantaged consumers.
Submission QCOSS dives into review on customer water code
Published: Apr 2014
QCOSS has made a submission to Department of Energy and Water Supply's Review of the Customer Water and Wastewater Code in South East Queensland.
Submission Price Monitoring of SEQ (Southeast Queensland) Water and Wastewater Distribution and Retail Activities 2013-15
Published: Oct 2013
QCOSS recently provided a submission to this price monitoring investigation. The submission acknowledges the important role which price monitoring has played in regulating SEQ’s monopoly water businesses for the last three years and now calls for that role to be widen to consider the impact of pricing practices on water bills; the incidence of water hardship; and the extent of policies to assist customers in hardship.
Submission Submission to 30-year strategy on water
Published: Apr 2013
Submission to the Department of Energy and Water Supply Discussion Paper for the 30-Year Strategy for Queensland's Water Sector. March 2013.
Report Customer Service Standards in Water
Published: Nov 2012
A comparative survey of standards applying to selected water businesses. Effectiveness of Guaranteed Service Levels (GSL) schemes are examined and options for setting customer service standards in Queensland are explored.
Tenant Water Charging in Southeast Queensland
Published: Nov 2012
The Tenant Water Charging in South East Queensland report provides an overview of water billing related issues experienced by tenants in south east Queensland.
Policy Paper Draft water policy paper
Published: Oct 2012
Draft water policy paper for review and comment