Outcomes tool

Outcomes Tool – Overview

Since July 2015, the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services has required funded non-government organisations to report on outcomes for each of the nine investment domains funded by the Department.

QCOSS has developed this Outcomes Tool to provide non-government organisations with information about a range of systems and scales that can be used to measure outcomes.

It has been compiled using feedback about the outcome measurement tools they currently use. This list was supplemented with a number of other tools identified through searching the internet.

This is not intended to be a complete resource and we are still keen to hear your thoughts on what is useful and where you are having challenges.

When developing this, we saw a multitude of tools that can be used for measuring outcomes in the human services sector.

Some of these tools are designed specifically for outcome measurement, others are designed as assessment tools that can also be used to measure outcomes when repeated over time.

Some tools are freely available, at no cost, on the internet or in other published research and literature.

Other tools are produced as commercial products and require purchase of the tool and assessment forms or purchase of a time-limited licence for a specified number of practitioners.

Some tools are only available for use following completion of approved training.

It is also important to be aware that some tools can only be accessed and used by individuals who have meet minimum qualifications standards.

Tell us your thoughts about what you are using, what’s missing, what additional information would be useful.

Email [email protected] with your thoughts and suggestions!

Additional Resources

There is a wide range of resources available that may assist services as they consider the best approach to outcome measurement.

In addition to the individual outcome measurement tools listed in the attached spreadsheet, a number of websites list a wide range of tools that may be relevant to specific services. A few of these websites include:

Black Dog Institute

Children of Parent with a Mental Illness

Evaluation Support Scotland

Fast Track Project