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Sep 2017
Sep 2017
Queensland Council of Social Service does not support the introduction of the mandatory Cashless Debit Card announced by the Australian Government today.
Sep 2017
Up to 2,300 households in Cairns and Rockhampton will be given the opportunity to take part in a solar on public housing trial and save money on their electricity bill.
Aug 2017
This initiative is funded by the Department of Education and Training as one of the deliverables of the Workforce Action Plan 2016-2019 to build sustainability with the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) workforce in rural and remote areas. It is led by Queensland Council of Service (QCOSS), in partnership with the Health and Community Services Workforce Council. Both services have a long history of working with and supporting the ECEC sector in Queensland so you may be familiar with our team.
Jul 2017
Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) welcomes the Government’s plans for a housing supply panel for South East Queensland.