Parliament must pass comprehensive renter protection package, QCOSS says

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Last week, Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) welcomed the COVID-19 renter protection package announced by the state government. 

QCOSS CEO Aimee McVeigh says she is disappointed to see the government’s intentions being misconstrued by some parties this week. 

“The package announced last week was designed to ensure that no tenant in Queensland would find themselves without a home due to the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.  

“It struck the right balance between fairness for the tenant, and fairness for the landlord.

“Renters across Queensland are experiencing severe financial stress right now and they need to be supported by their government. This is what this package does, and it is a matter of urgency that it passes. 

“Queensland has one of the highest proportions of people renting in Australia – they are families, young people, older people, they are health workers, teachers, hospitality staff. Some have been recently let go from their place of work and some are working longer hours than ever before.  

“QCOSS has long been advocating for better protections so that all Queenslanders who rent can make their house a home. This is more important than ever in the current environment.

“The prospect of not having a roof over their heads should not be something they lay awake at night worrying about, nor should they be worrying about amassing an unmanageable amount of debt. 

“QCOSS is a member of the Make Renting Fair Alliance, a group of organisations who have been calling on rental changes in Queensland for several years. It is encouraging to see the state government acknowledge that these protections are crucial to the wellbeing of Queenslanders, and we urge them to maintain the changes once the current coronavirus crisis is over,” said Ms McVeigh. 

17 April 2020 |Service type: