QCOSS has carried out research and advocacy work in the energy and water sectors for many years in Queensland. We believe that energy and water are essential services – systems which exist to serve the community.

We provide policy makers with input into policy decisions and regulations related to these services, and we help to educate people on issues and policy changes.

Useful information, resources and links

QCOSS is committed to amplifying the voice of households experiencing energy and water vulnerability. We work to support the sector, industry and government in helping these people and working towards equitable, accessible, clean and affordable essential services for all Queenslanders.

Fact sheets, videos and information

Up to date information and resources including: how to read utility bills, what to do when facing disconnection, hardship provisions and grants, and how to reduce costs.

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Research and policy submissions

Informed by sector research and knowledge, we continue to advocate for sufficient support for vulnerable customers in Queensland, and for safe and affordable essential services.

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COVID-19 and energy analysis

Over the course of 2020 and 2021, QCOSS has undertaken signficant research through the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic to quickly understand the impacts of COVID-19 on household energy vulnerability and hardship. In these reports we lay out recommendations for who support needs to be focused towards, and recommendations on the role we would like to see household energy stimulus measures playing in our recovery.

Report 1: COVID-19 and consumer energy vulnerability in Queensland

This research report explores how COVID-19 is impacting electricity energy consumers in Queensland. This includes an assessment of changing energy usage and consumer behaviours and the current response by government, regulatory bodies and industry.

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Report 2: COVID-19 impacts on Queenslanders

The impacts of COVID-19 across Queensland have not been even, with some people more impacted than others.

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Report 3: Where are we now? Energy support and COVID-19

This analysis sheds light on whether most impacted cohorts had experienced further detriment, what had changed, and how things looked compared to the total Queensland sample.

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Free ‘Understanding energy in Queensland’ short e-learning course

In partnership with the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME), we have developed a free course on our Community Door eTraining platform to help you get more acquainted with the energy market in Queensland.

Over five self-paced online modules the course covers:

  • Queensland’s energy supply chain
  • Consumer rights and responsibilities of energy consumers
  • Understanding energy usage
  • Reading and understanding energy bills
  • Concessions, payment difficulties and hardship.

If this sounds like something that could assist you in your work with clients, sign up for a free account on Community Door eTraining today and enrol. The course takes around 2 hours to complete.

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Join the Essential Services Consultative Group

The Essential Services Consultative Group provides a channel for community organisations to have a voice on energy policy processes and contribute to government policy on key consumer reforms. The group meets 4 times per year.

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