QCOSS is an active partner in the Gold Coast Homelessness Network – an incorporated body working to support people to end homelessness on the Gold Coast.

As Regional Care Coordinator for the project, QCOSS is responsible for enhancing engagement between services on the Gold Coast – encouraging collaboration, and building the capability of the sector to create a more integrated and coordinated service response. Working with specific clients and cases, the Regional Care Coordinator is on the ground improving outcomes by knowing who to contact and where.

Through the Partnering for Impact and Partnering for Growth initiative, the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy is working with the homelessness and broader service sector, as well as other government agencies, to create better outcomes for people who are homeless or at the risk of homelessness by enhancing current service delivery offerings and encouraging innovation in transforming the housing and homelessness sector.

This initiative is delivered across 9 priority locations to support state-wide capacity for integrated, front-line responses to people with multiple needs who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Access more information about the Gold Coast Homelessness Network and area working groups here.

Ryan O'Leary

Principal Project and Engagement Officer

Email: [email protected]

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