Public Sector Management Program - scholarships

The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC), on behalf of the Public Sector Management (PSM) Program Board of Management, has appointed QUT to deliver the national Public Sector Management Program.

In recognition of the ever increasing role of not-for-profit profit organizations in delivering services to communities, the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) has opened the Public Sector Management Program to employees of the NGO sector.  A greater understanding of the two different sectors is considered beneficial to both government and NGO employees. The face-to-face workshops provide opportunities to exchange ideas and to learn from each other, create a common language and network.

The Public Sector Management Program is a joint venture between the Commonwealth, State and Local Governments across Australia. The Program is designed to enhance the existing knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors of middle and senior managers in order to improve public sector outcomes. Some points about the PSM Program:

  • Focused on a dynamic mix of contemporary government case studies and challenging theory exercises.
  • A flexible and dynamic study option designed specifically for mid-level managers from across all tiers of government and the NGO sector.
  • A national program tailored to each jurisdiction by integrating relevant case studies, policies and local speakers.

Benefits to participants from the NGO sector include:

  • A Graduate Certificate in Business (Public Sector Management).
  • Eligible for credit or advanced standing into further post-graduate programs including QUT’s Masters of Business Administration (MBA) or the Master of Business and with other universities with PSM articulation agreements.
  • Enhanced management and leadership skills.
  • Increased understanding of the language of government.
  • New networks within governments.
  • Increased understanding of policy drivers and decision making processes within government.
  • Improved ability to target grants application due to increased skills in interpretation of government language and policy frameworks. 

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QUT and the APSC are offering a limited number of scholarships to NGO employees.  The scholarship is provided on a matching basis, that is, one paying participant and a full scholarship for the second person.  The cost of the Graduate Certificate in Business (Public Sector Management) is $9,600. 


National and international delivery:

The PSMP is delivered in every capital city in Australia and as of middle of this year, a fully on-line version for participants who work overseas or in very remote areas will also be offered.


For more information:

Contact Evelyne Meier, QUT on (07) 3138 6997 or 0433 482 855.