Advocating for change in 2018: a year of reports, submissions and policy

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Changes takes a lot of determination, and QCOSS has worked tirelessly across 2018 to advocate across a range of areas crucial to the wellbeing of every Queenslander.

Here is a comprehensive list of reports, submissions and policy statements made during the year:


The Sunny Savers Regional Project: Solar on public housing trial in Cairns and Rockhampton (June)

QCOSS Housing Policy Review (August)

Report on Energy issues in Indigenous Communities: Woorabinda (August)

Community Energy in Queensland: Renewable energy opportunities for low-income households, renters and the broader community (October)

Shifting Power: Improving Choice and Control through Energy Efficiency Minimum Standards for Rental Housing in Queensland (December)




Productivity Commission Inquiry – Horizontal Fiscal Equalization, redistributing GST revenue to the states and territories


Energy Security Board – in response to the National Energy Guarantee Draft Design Consultation Paper


Australian Energy Regulator – on the rate of return guideline (PDF)

Energy Queensland – in response to the issues paper ‘Network Tariff 2020-25 (PDF)

Queensland Competition Authority – On the draft determination for Regulated Retail Electricity Prices 2018-19

Committee on the proposed Social Services Legislation Amendment (Drug Testing Trial) Bill

Australian Energy Market Commission – in response to the consultation paper on the National Energy Retail Amendment (Preventing discounts on inflated energy rates) Rule 2018 (PDF)


Queensland Competition Authority – on their review of Guaranteed Service Levels (GSL) for 2020-25

Response to the Australian Law Reform Commission Review of the Family Law System Issues Paper

Australian Energy Regulator’s Preliminary Framework and Approach paper for regulating Energex and Ergon Energy Regulatory Proposals for the 2020-25 period (PDF)


Australian Energy Market Commission – on the proposed rule changes regarding estimated meter reads

Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy – response to the Review of Queensland Energy Legislation Issues Paper (PDF)

Queensland Competition Authority’s Review of Guaranteed Service Levels (PDF)


Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) – Consultation Paper: National Energy Retail Amendment (Strengthening protections for customers in hardship) Rule 2018 (PDF)

Australian Government – the National Energy Guarantee Draft Detailed Design (PDF)

Transport and Public Works Committee inquiry into the operations of toll roads in Queensland (PDF)

Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs – proposed Social Services Legislation Amendment (Cashless Debit Card Trial Expansion) Bill 2018

Energy Queensland on the development of its Tariff Structure Statement for residential customers for the regulatory period 2020- 2025 (PDF)


Queensland Government – on the Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) on Fuel Price Reporting


Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications on the Treasury Laws Amendment (Improving the Energy Efficiency of Rental Properties) Bill 2018


Energy Queensland – on its draft Regulatory Proposal for the Energex and Ergon distribution networks (RESET 2020-25) (PDF)

Australian Energy Market Commission – in response to their draft rule change aimed at strengthening protections for customers in hardship (PDF)

Queensland Productivity Commission (QPC) Inquiry into Imprisonment and Recidivism


Senate Standing Committee on Economics inquiry into credit and financial services targeted at Australians at risk of financial hardship

Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) review of the Family Law System


Queensland Government – on its review of renting in Queensland

Australian Energy Regulator – on its draft standard statements for inclusion in hardship guidelines (PDF)

Australian Energy Regulator – in response to its position paper on the default market offer price (PDF)