AER’s preliminary framework for regulating Energex and Ergon Energy regulatory proposals for 2020-25

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QCOSS made a submission to the Australian Energy Regulator’s (AER) Preliminary Framework and Approach (F&A) paper for regulating Energex and Ergon Energy
Regulatory Proposals for the 2020-25 period (RESET 2020-25).

We acknowledge that the F&A is the first step in a two year process to determine efficient prices for electricity distribution services in Queensland (Qld). In the F&A, the AER will determine, amongst other things, which services they will regulate and the broad nature of the regulatory arrangements. The F&A also sets out guidance on the form of control and matters including the incentive arrangements and the approach to depreciation.

QCOSS’s submission focus on these issues:
• Service Classification for major customers, metering and other services;
• Forms of Control;
• Incentive arrangements; and
• Destroyed and/or obsolete assets.

Read the full submission.

2 May 2018 | Focus area: ,