Peak Power – community service peak organisations working together for real social change

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Every person in Queensland deserves a place to call home, to be able to put food on the table, access education and healthcare, and be afforded a level of wellbeing.

Current social and human services systems don’t always provide those outcomes and changing the way we do things is essential to the wellbeing of every Queenslander.

We engage everyday with the Queensland Government on an ambitious reform agenda to improve outcomes for all Queensland.

The Queensland Community Services Peaks have been collaborating for change for decades, focused on some of the most vulnerable Queenslanders.  Queensland’s Community Service Peaks are well positioned to use this collaborative capacity to support ambitious systemic reform across government, community and the private sector.  Collectively we are more and can deliver more than if we stand alone.

QCOSS, COTA Queensland, NDS, Volunteering Queensland, ECCQ, Community Legal Centres Queensland, QShelter, QDN, PeakCare, QATSICPP, CSIA, Queensland Alliance for Mental Health, QNADA, QAIHC, Q Shelter and Tenants Queensland commit to working together and with all stakeholders to implement successful reform.

This peaks collaboration has developed the following resources:

  • Community Service Peaks 2019 – 2020 State Government Priority Statement – Peak organisations across Queensland are working together to ensure every Queenslander has a place to call home, is able to put food on the table, has access education and healthcare, and can be afforded a level of wellbeing. We cannot do it alone.  Social change requires the input and investment of many groups of people.  This document specifically looks at how our Premier and Ministers can make decisions to create and support social change that will have benefits for all people in Queensland now and into the future. The full document can be found here.
  • PowerofPeaks provides some information for community services to provide to their clients on the key questions about the NDIS.  The brochures are here.
  • The possibility of portable long service leave for the community sector has be raised by government for investigation.  As an issue that will impact on all community services it is one that a number of the peaks collaboration have been working on.  Read the submission Community Legal Centres Queensland, CSIA, ECCQ, PeakCare, QCOSS, QNADA, QDN and Volunteering Queensland made to the Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement here. (October 2018)
  • Peak position on the Human Rights Act for Queensland – we support a Human Rights Act for Queensland to make sure we have better outcomes for everyone.  Read more detail here (August 2018)
  • Peaks Collaboration Priorities 2018.  In 2018 we identified four priorities for our attention.  They are the NDIS, Family Matters, a Human Rights Act for Queensland and affordable and accessible housing.  They are outlined in our priorities document here. (June 2018)

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