Peaks election platform – Working together for the social and economic wellbeing of all Queenslanders

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QCOSS has been working with 12 other peaks to develop a series of high level asks of any incoming government in Queensland.  It is based on the QCOSS election statement in that is implores any incoming government to be a government that leads with vision, listens and acts together with us all.

In this context:

  • leading with vision refers to: A vision that goes beyond political boundaries, forming the basis of a community that offers social and economic prosperity and wellbeing for all.  This vision that has come from the community, looking years into the future, is achieved by listening and acting and working with all.  This vision has the possibility to strengthen every community in Queensland.
  • listening refers to: To effectively develop a vision and achieve it requires listening from a broad range of views and trusted sources. Peak organisations have a unique perspective and ability to gain broader perspectives on where Queenslanders want to be and what their vision may be.  We are able to see the service system and actions of government from a holistic point of view and how it impacts collectively on individuals, families and groups. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peaks need to be engaged early to make sure the interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are well represented and heard.
  • Acting together refers to: As peak bodies from across the community services sector we meet on a regular basis to discuss the unique pressures that exist in Queensland. It is clear from discussions that addressing these issues successfully will mean the relationship between government and community services organisations will need to change and mature from what has existed in the past. We are seeking to forge a productive, robust and equal partnership to make sure we have the best possible outcomes for Queenslanders who are experiencing vulnerability.

The overall ask in this document is based on a commitment from the peak organisations and an ask from the government.

Our committment

QCOSS, COTA, NDS, Volunteering Queensland, ECCQ, Community Legal Centres Queensland, QShelter, QDN, PeakCare, QATSICPP, CSIA, Health and Community Services Workforce Council and Queensland Alliance for Mental Health commit to advance a vision to leave nobody behind, working towards a community that embraces our diversity and unique culture. We will work together with the Queensland Government and Queensland community to make it happen.

Our commitment is to continue listening to our stakeholders and acting with our stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcomes for Queenslanders.

We are ready to work alongside a new government, the community sector, and Queenslanders to facilitate a redesigned service system to better meet the needs of all Queenslanders.

Government action

We want the incoming government in Queensland to commit to advancing a shared vision and working together to achieve it.

We seek a commitment from the incoming Queensland Government to engage early and strategically with peak bodies so we can ensure the best possible outcome for all Queenslanders.  Particularly when the discussions pertaining to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families are on the table, then representation from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peak bodies is critical.

Read the full statement here.