QCOSS 2016/17 Pre-budget submission – a plan for social and economic wellbeing

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Queensland’s community service sector is on a significant and transformational journey, according to the state government. And as the government’s agenda for reform and review continues, the sector is working hard to deliver the best possible services it can within the confines of an ever-changing economic and political environment.

At the core of all our work remains the individual, the family and the community. In particular, Queenslanders who are most vulnerable and at risk; Queenslanders who are living in poverty and disadvantage, or those who are at risk of falling into this situation.

In this submission we focus on five key areas to ensure we are on the way to social and economic wellbeing for all: community resilience, regional Queensland, cost of living, housing and homelessness and financial resilience.

Read the full submission here in PDF format.

12 January 2016 | Focus area: ,