QCOSS Budget Priority Statement 2018-19

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For the past few years, Queensland Council of Social Service has been laying the foundation for a new way of working in Queensland.  We have been building our expertise, building our connections and building the evidence to support this new approach.  This approach was first hinted at through our 2017-18 Budget Priority Statement, was further articulated in our Election Statement, a Manifesto for Change and has been followed through into our 2018 Conference, a Movement for Change.

This, our budget priority statement for 2018-19, does not shy away from these themes.  This is work that QCOSS believes is fundamentally important if we are to build strong and connected communities and address poverty and disadvantage in Queensland.

We know that this work is not easy, but it is necessary.  We know that it takes time but is timely.  We also know that it while we can put out the call, we cannot do it alone.

This document outlines the actions that need to be taken to ensure the future wellbeing of all Queenslanders.

6 April 2018 | Focus area: ,