QCOSS Election Statement 2017 – a manifesto for change

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Queensland Council of Social Service is calling on the incoming Queensland Government to govern differently, to work differently, to truly lead our state into the future.

It is time to approach the many challenges and opportunities that we have with renewed vigour and an appetite for vision-led change.

We are calling for… a government that leads with vision; a government that listens; a government that acts together with us all.

To eliminate poverty and disadvantage, we are also calling for the following:

Foundational asks

  1. QCOSS asks that the next Queensland Government commits to developing and implementing a Human Rights Act for Queensland as a critical step in providing Queenslanders with the confidence in our system to stand up for all of our rights.
  2. QCOSS seeks the next Queensland Government to commit to implementing the package of reforms being recommended through the draft report of the Queensland Productivity Commission Inquiry into Service Delivery in Queensland’s Remote and Discrete Indigenous Communities to ensure the wellbeing of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.Place-based approaches
  3. Provide funding of $25 million over ten years for coordination roles in ten communities throughout Queensland to drive and implement place-based responses to local issues. Including an additional annual $1 million “innovation fund” for those 10 years to support prototype projects from place-based work that address a community-identified need with a community-identified solution.  This will build the capacity of our communities while addressing the uniqueness that exists across the state.
  4. Commit to work towards outcomes based funding based on community identified goals. To create an effectively joined-up service system, a positive approach would be to focus on a specific outcome area across a broad range of program streams and multiple funding contracts. Pilot funding to be made available through the Innovation Fund.Citizen-led policy development
  5. Funding of $5 million over three years to develop a comprehensive and coordinated program of citizen engagement based on community strengths and capacity.  This will ensure system users are supported to provide advice, views and information of their lived experience and the communities in which they live to guide the development of Queensland direction and policy development.Cost-of-living advocacy
  6. Establishment of a Housing Supply Council that will bring together all stakeholders to develop a shared vision for the provision of housing in Queensland including development of long term targets, central, independent intelligence and support for effective planning and informed decision making addressing one of the biggest cost-of-living pressures in our community.
  7. Provide ongoing support for low-income and vulnerable households to understand their energy usage and costs; access new technologies; and navigate a deregulated energy market in South East Queensland.  A place based approach, using local community sector organisations can ensure community capacity is built.
  8. Ease cost-of-living pressures for low-income households by building on the current concessions framework and activity to ensure concessions are targeted and accessible to people who need them most.Sector capacity and capability building
  9. Provide greater sustainability for the community services sector including continuing roll-out of five-year contracts and adequate indexation of contracts in line with real wages growth so they can continue to support Queenslanders.
  10. Strong negotiation with the Federal Government to ensure continuity of support for those that need it most, including on National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and National Partnership Agreements on health, housing, homelessness and education to ensure good outcomes for Queenslanders and our state’s future.

 We are calling for… a government that leads with vision; a government that listens; a government that acts together with us all.