QCOSS Enabling local communities: Homelessness in Cairns – preliminary site analysis

  • Homeless mother with her daughter.
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The Enabling Local Communities (ELC) project seeks to support and better enable two communities – Ipswich and Cairns – to strengthen local leadership, processes and practices in the area of housing and homelessness to improve service and sector integration.

The ELC project will build on data gathered through the Home for Good Registry Weeks, which captured the needs of homeless people in Cairns and Ipswich, and the perspectives and stories of people who live and work in those communities.

This site analysis provides context for the Cairns element of the ELC project as part of Stage 1 of the project. It summarises the local service system, and identified leaders and stakeholders, as well as existing integration and coordination mechanisms, and service gaps.

Stage 2 is now underway and will be focused on the development, strengthening, implementation and documenting of up to three identified initiatives that have emerged from Stage 1. The exact nature and type of integrated efforts has purposely been left broad in order to promote a sector-driven and owned response. The core principle of this stage is that strategies can become a sustainable part of the practice approach and service delivery toolkit on an ongoing basis.

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