QCOSS informs approach to monitoring the SEQ electricity market post deregulation

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Following the deregulation of electricity prices in South East Queensland on 1 July 2016, the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) has released a Scoping Paper outlining how they intend to monitor the market to ensure customers are benefiting from the move. This week QCOSS made a submission to the QCA which sets out a number of areas that must be monitored including:

  • The impacts for customers on plans with conditional discounts – such as “pay-on-time” discounts – to determine whether customers are deriving the benefits of these deals
  • The actual prices being paid by low income and vulnerable customers, including those in receipt of an Electricity Rebate, applicants to the Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme and customers on a hardship program or payment plan.
  • How consumers are faring in terms of understanding the complexity of the market, including fees, terms and conditions.

The full QCOSS submission can be viewed here.

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