QCOSS Position Statement on Drug Testing Trials and Submission Paper

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This paper outlines why QCOSS does not support the governments proposed Social Services Legislation Amendment (drug testing trial) Bill. The amendment provides for a two-year trial involving mandatory drug testing for 5,000 new recipients on Newstart Allowance and Youth Allowance in three trial areas, including Logan.

QCOSS believe that access to the social safety net is a critical part of our civil society and therefore do not believe that this social safety net is an adequate tool for addressing complex health issues such as problems with alcohol and other drugs.

The paper outlines some recommended actions that QCOSS calls on the Australian Government which is first and foremost to abandon these drug testing trials and explore alternative options based in evidence.

The rationale behind this submission is further explored offering even more reasons why QCOSS is against drug testing. These include the lack of evidence linking problematic substance use with barriers to employment and the adverse effects that have resulted in previous drug trials.

The last section covers some in depth information about the drug testing trials including a look at the purpose, clinical evidence and ethics and human rights.

Read the QCOSS submission to the federal government in response to drug testing trials here.

QCOSS Position Statement – Drug Testing Trials (updated September 2019)

12 April 2018 | Focus area: