QCOSS Service Agreement: Standard terms – things to ponder before signing

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As part of the commitment to reduce red tape, the Queensland Government embarked on a process to review and simplify the contracting arrangements government-wide. This has resulted in the new Standard Service Agreement that all social service organisations will transition to as their existing funding agreements expire or where relevant, services are re-tendered. QCOSS will continue to remain engaged with the government in relation to any further amendments made to the standard terms.

The purpose of this guide is to alert you to things which may have changed from other service agreements in the past and things to consider should you agree to accept funding under this standard agreement.  The guide will follow the same order of the Standard Terms so you can read each section as it comes up.

Read the QCOSS 2014 service agreement: Standard terms – thing to ponder before signing

7 July 2014 | Focus area: