QCOSS submission: Health and Wellbeing Queensland Bill 2019

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QCOSS has made a submission to the Health and Wellbeing Queensland Bill 2019. The objective of the bill is to establish a health promotion agency as a statutory body with a view to addressing health inequity in Queensland. QCOSS has made a submission in support of the Bill, noting recent work we’ve done which highlights the interconnected nature of poor health outcomes with indicators of socio-economic disadvantage. The submission highlights the fragmented nature of the current health system in Queensland and the need for a holistic framework across government departments, community services, industry groups, and local communities.

Queensland is the most decentralised state in Australia. In recognition of the distance and diversity in our state, our submission recommends the new body form partnerships with local communities to develop tailored, place-based strategies that understand and respond to local needs. This includes strong links to community service organisations which are the backbone of place-based initiatives and well placed to provide insights into systemic issues contributing to poor outcomes for thousands of Queenslanders.

Read the full submission.

21 March 2019 | Focus area: