QCOSS submission: Expanding competition in metering and related services

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QCOSS recognises that access to advanced metering is necessary to facilitate the uptake of cost reflective tariffs, and that opening up metering services to greater competition is intended to allow this to happen at lower cost to consumers.

While QCOSS broadly supports this policy intent, we have a number of concerns about the practical implications for Queensland consumers. We consider that there are some areas where the rule change deviates significantly from the direction provided in the AEMC’s Power of Choice report and where consumers are at risk of being left behind.

While the AEMC has provided a high level overview of the consumer benefits, we feel that there is additional scope for the AEMC to interpret and present the likely consumer impacts of the rule change in a more meaningful way that considers the cost and benefits for different consumers in a practical sense.

In this submission we have outlined some critical questions about how the rule changes will work in practice, how the customer outcomes will be protected and monitored, and highlight areas where we believe consumer impacts need to be more fully investigated and considered before the AEMC’s Final Decision.

Read the QCOSS Submission to AEMC draft rule determination: Expanding competition in metering and related services

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