QCOSS submission to ensure vulnerable on-supply customers can access energy rebates

  • Retired couple with household bills
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In our submission, QCOSS supports changes to ensure vulnerable on-supply customers can access their rebate entitlements (including the Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme) by ensuring on-suppliers are compensated for the administrative costs in delivering government rebates. The submission also supports on-supply customers being given improved access to justice by being able to resolve their energy-related disputes through the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland. This consultation process relates to issues experienced by people living in retirement villages, manufactured homes and apartment complexes across Queensland, who receive electricity via a third party or ‘on-supplier’ rather than directly from an energy retailer.

At the moment, many eligible on-supply customers struggle to access the energy rebates they are eligible for. Also, customer disputes about energy charges, rebates or disconnection must be resolved through the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).

Read the QCOSS Submission to Regulatory Impact Statement