QCOSS Submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission Review of the Family Law System

  • A young family are at the beach, waiting for the waves to break over their feet.
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QCOSS has found that Australia’s Family Law System is not meeting the needs or expectations of couples that separate, families, parents, children or young people. Thousands of Queensland families come into contact with the Family Law System every year. Many people face barriers to access due to complexity and costs, the system exacerbates conflict, and a significant amount of people experience ongoing safety and wellbeing issues.

This submission looks at the principles that should guide the redevelopment of the family law system and how we view the role and objective of the modern family law system.

Following that is a discussion about the issues listed below and recommendations

  • Australia’s family law system is complex and costly
  • It exacerbates conflict
  • Safety and wellbeing

Read QCOSS’ full submission here.

8 May 2018 | Focus area: