QCOSS Submission to the ‘Open Doors to Renting Reform’ public consultation

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QCOSS has made a submission to the ‘Open Doors to Renting Reform’ public consultation.  In this submission, QCOSS advocates for legislative changes that include provisions for: no evictions without reasonable grounds, minimum property standards (including accessibility and energy efficiency), pets, minor modifications, rent controls, prompt return of bonds, prompt water bills, adequately funded tenant engagement and advocacy.

Specifically, the QCOSS Position Statement on Renting, which forms part of the submission, advocates to make rental properties a home, make renting fair, make renting affordable, and to adequately fund tenant engagement and advocacy. The QCOSS Shifting Power report, also part of the submission, advocates for an energy efficiency ratings scheme for rental homes, and two mandatory energy efficiency standards: LED lights and insulation. The final part of the submission is the QCOSS Position Statement on Housing, which outlines a housing framework that is a holistic, integrated and comprehensive response to declining housing stability and affordability across the housing continuum.

QCOSS invites people to make their own submission before the closing date on Friday 14 December 2018. QCOSS applauds the government’s intention to seek the views of as many Queenslanders as possible, whether tenants, landlords or property managers, to inform possible changes to the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act (2008). So far, a record breaking 130,000 responses have been submitted from people in Queensland wanting to see change, including 456 written submissions.

Following the analysis of this successful public consultation, we call on the government to develop a Discussion Paper, prior to the tabling of any legislation in parliament, that outlines the position the government plans to take on all these matters to facilitate further consultation on specific reforms.

We believe everyone has a fundamental right to housing, including those who by choice or necessity are renting. With home ownership declining in Queensland, more than one third of Queenslanders now rent their home so consultations like this are imperative to make informed changes to the act. That is why QCOSS is proud to be part of the Make Renting Fair Alliance, a group of 12 community-based organisations who launched the ‘Make Renting Fair’ campaign in October 2018. The campaign gives a voice to, and calls for better protections for people living in rental properties, particularly for people who are experiencing vulnerability and disadvantage in Queensland. Having co-developed content for the the ‘Make Renting Fair’ Alliance, QCOSS and other members of the Alliance then made submissions to ‘Open Doors to Rental Reform’.

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