QCOSS submission to the Renewable Energy Expert Panel Draft Report

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The Queensland Government has commissioned an Expert Panel to conduct a public inquiry to guide the development of a renewable energy strategy for Queensland. The objectives of the review are to investigate and report on the costs and benefits of adopting a target of 50 per cent renewable energy in Queensland by 2030, and other complementary policies to drive the development of a renewable energy economy in Queensland.

The Expert Panel has released its Draft Report for consultation. QCOSS has made a submission to the Expert Panel’s Draft Report which highlights the need for Queensland’s renewable energy strategy to:

  • Mitigate increases in electricity prices for consumers and especially low income and disadvantaged consumers
  • Address barriers to enable renters to access the direct benefits of renewable energy
  • Develop regional employment transition arrangements

In making this submission, QCOSS is concerned with ensuring the move to a renewable energy future does not exacerbate disadvantage or result in greater inequality between households. A key part of this will be ensuring employment outcomes are supported, that there is an effective safety net for low income households most in need including well-targeted concessions, and that there are policies introduced to address barriers faced by renters in controlling and managing their energy costs.

Read the full submission here.

3 November 2016 | Focus area: ,