Review of Guaranteed Service Levels: QCOSS response to Stakeholder Notice

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This response is the second from QCOSS in a series of submissions we have made into the Queensland Competition Authority’s (QCA) around Guaranteed Service Levels (GSLs). In this submission, QCOSS provided additional commentary to the QCA on the eight key topics:

1. Exempting the distributors from liability for supply interruptions for extreme
weather events
2. Creating new ‘time to respond’ and ‘telephone answering’ GSLs
3. Extending GSL arrangements to supply from microgrids
4. Applying GSLs to retailers (Power of Choice reforms)
5. Escalating GSL payment levels
6. Increasing customers’ awareness of GSLs
7. Providing equity between GSL arrangements in the Energex and Ergon
Energy distribution areas
8. Extending the wrongful disconnections GSL to retailers.

Read the full submission.

Our original submission can be found here.


29 June 2018 | Focus area: ,