Community organisations and those working in the social services sector have demonstrated an active interest in this review. Our members work with people experiencing the most disadvantage
and marginalisation in our community and can see how particular characteristics make people more susceptible to discrimination. For this reason, the community services sector supports strong and easily accessible anti-discrimination laws that do not cause further harm.

Discrimination is inherently connected to power. When laws aim to correct a power imbalance it is sensible to place a greater burden on the more powerful actor. Accordingly, our sector has clearly indicated that preventative measures that impose a positive duty are supported.

QCOSS endorses the Ten-Point Plan for a Fairer Queensland and those solutions presented by the Alliance of Queensland Lawyers and Advocates, noting that many of the organisations involved in developing this work are QCOSS members who work extensively with people most likely to experience discrimination.

QCOSS welcomes the review of the Act as it provides an opportunity to ensure anti-discrimination laws not only reflect contemporary community standards but also helps to pave the way toward the inclusive and fair society we envisage in the future.

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