Submission to the Queensland Competition Authority about Guaranteed Service Level

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Guaranteed Service Levels (GSL) recognise the essential nature of energy to Queensland households.

QCOSS has recently been working with the Woorabinda community on energy affordability and providing energy literacy workshops. Through this engagement QCOSS heard about some outages that significantly impacted on this community.

Under the current GSL, the people affected by this outage were not eligible for a payment, despite being without power for almost 24 hours. If this had happened in the Brisbane CBD, a payment would have been triggered after just eight hours.

This highlighted the inequity in the current system.

QCOSS believes that GSL arrangements need to be modified for the next regulatory period 2020-25 in eight main areas. These are:
1. Clarification of the purpose of the GSL
2. Notification requirements
3. Duration and frequency threshold triggers
4. Wrongful disconnection
5. Payment amount
6. Methods by which payments are made
7. Applying GSL obligations to retailers
8. Card Operated Meters

Read the full submission here.

2 May 2018 | Focus area: ,