Treasury Laws Amendment: Submission to Senate Standing Committee on improving the energy efficiency of rental properties

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QCOSS made a submission the Treasury Laws Amendment (Improving the energy efficiency of rental properties) Bill 2018. We had the following key messages in our submission:

  • QCOSS supports the intent of the Bill to address the split incentive between landlords and tenants and to improve the energy efficiency of rental properties.
  • QCOSS agrees with the ACOSS view that this issue would be better address through mandatory minimum energy efficiency standards for all rental properties. We are concerned that the proposed measure could result in rent increases, undermining the intent of the bill which is in part to improve energy affordability for tenants.
  • If the measure was to go ahead, QCOSS recommends that changes be made to improve its effectiveness such as removing the $300 rental limit.

We have expanded on these points in the full submission.

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