Papers and Submissions

QCOSS publications inform the community, the government and the sector about issues as diverse as climate change, pay equity, domestic and family violence, oral health, and disaster recovery. Our publications take many forms - from fact sheets and policy papers, to formal reports and submissions.

Annual Reports

Our Annual Report contains the achievements made by QCOSS during the year; our governance, Treasurer's and financial reports; and it lists and acknowledges the contributions of our funders, sponsors and members.

Media Releases

QCOSS brings the reality of poverty in Queensland to households across the state through hundreds of media mentions a year (in the press, on radio and television, and on the web).

Cost of Living Reports

Twice yearly report into the cost of living, particularly for people on low incomes. The reports track changes in the cost of essential items such as housing, food, electricity, water, and transport providing empirical data explaining why more and more households are experiencing financial difficulties.

Focal point eNews

Every fortnight QCOSS members receive Focal point - an electronic newsletter with up-to-the-minute information on social policy developments and issues for the community sector. Focal point also features tips on IT and management - as well as events, training, and jobs.

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

The QCOSS RAP is a three year plan developed in line with our strategic plan and aligned with our overall planning cycle. The RAP will be refreshed annually at the same time as our Operational Plan to ensure that the two plans are aligned and that our reconciliation goals form part of our every day work practices. Elements of this RAP will also be embedded in our Performance Agreements.

Our vision for reconciliation is an end to poverty and inequality among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, achieved through respect, understanding and working together with a common purpose. We stand for a fair, inclusive and sustainable Queensland and self-determination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Read our latest RAP here