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QCOSS 2022-23 Budget Priorities

18 February 2022 |Category:

Strategic, long-term investments in Queensland’s social infrastructure can end the housing crisis, expand low-income households’ access to the renewable energy revolution, and create good local jobs. These investments will strengthen Queensland communities, and those who support them, as we look to 2032.

Submission: Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility

1 December 2021 |Category:

Young children do not belong in the criminal justice system, including prison. In consideration of Queensland’s Human Rights Act 2019 and following evidence of how best to respond to young children who engage in criminal activities, the Queensland Parliament should raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility.

Annual Report 2020-2021

21 October 2021 |Category:

In a year where we have all faced personal and professional challenges, the QCOSS movement has worked consistently and optimistically toward our unifying vision of equality, opportunity and wellbeing for all Queenslanders.

    People gathered around computers in a workplace

Report: Bridging the Digital Divide

7 September 2021 |Category:

As the world moves increasingly online, digital inclusion is necessary for people to be fulsomely engaged in economic, social and civic life. Despite that […]

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