QCOSS 2019 State Conference keynote speaker Mariam Issa

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We are pleased to announce that Mariam Issa will be the keynote speaker at this year’s QCOSS State Conference – Leading change together in September.

Mariam is a passionate speaker, author, storyteller, and community builder who believes all we need in overcoming adversity is a stretch of the imagination.

At age 30, Mariam moved to Australia from her Somali homeland with her husband, four children and a fifth on the way. Far away from the tight communities and families in Somalia, Mariam found herself in a foreign country that had a foreign language and a foreign culture.  Through her powerful stories she has inspired countless women who have had similar experiences to achieve their fullest potential.

Mariam is the distinguished author of the book, A Resilient Life, a story of resilience in the face of hardship and the spirit of determination, optimism, and understanding of all that makes us human. She is the co-founder of RAW (Resilient Aspiring Women), a not-for-profit organisation that supports women’s resilience through intercultural dialogue and exchange facilitated by storytelling, cooking and gardening.

Mariam sits on the board of Asylum Seekers Resource Centre, is as an ambassador for Refugee Council of Australia and a Director at Family Peace. She is an International Women’s Forum member and co-founder of Space2b, an art and design-based social enterprise established to support asylum seekers, refugees and newly arrived migrants.

She was awarded the Ambassador of Peace award from the Universal Peace Federation in recognition of her on-going work promoting social cohesion.

To find out more about Mariam and our other speakers visit the conference website.

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17 July 2019