QCOSS Annual Report 2015-16


QCOSS Annual Report 2015-16 released

Message from the CEO 

While QCOSS' vision - for a Queensland free of poverty and disadvantage - remains steadfast, our approach to delivering this is sharply focused on what matters most, and that is the individual. Behind every statistic is a person, with a name, a story to tell, and a perspective of what it really means to experience poverty or disadvantage that deserves to be told and to be addressed. 

Read more of Mark's message in our latest annual report. 

How to access the QCOSS Annual Report 2015-16 

QCOSS' annual report is now available in a variety of formats. We invite you to explore the report online by clicking here. Below is an image with a few tips on how to navigate your way around ISSUU and read the report comfortably. The online version will enable you to directly link to a number of QCOSS submissions and publications, as well as information, presentations and websites related to recent projects and programs.

You can also read the report here as a PDF - enabling you to easily download and print the report if you wish - and in a Word version. 

If you have any queries or related concerns please email [email protected]

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