QCOSS Community Cover - insurance with Aon

Aon is proudly QCOSS’ approved insurance broker and with over 30 years of experience servicing the needs of NFPs, you can trust they understand your risks and have tailored their insurance policies to suit. 

As an insurance broker Aon understands that asking the right questions is key to ensuring you get the right covers and for the right price.  That’s why we offer a full suite of NFP-tailored insurance covers including:

  • Protector/Association Liability                         
  • Property Insurance
  • Motor (NFP Owned and Non-Owned)
  • Public Liability
  • Business Interruption
  • Volunteer Personal Accident


NEW COVER – NFP Cyber Insurance

Our continued work and support of the NFP sector has led us to also identify a new type of risk - Cyber hacks and attacks.  Cyber-crime is now the fastest growing crime for all organisations and with its outcomes not covered by any other policy and in the wake of such an event, severe reputation damage to an organisation it is a key risk for which to get covered.  Subsequently, Aon has created a new industry-leading, comprehensive and affordable insurance policy and risk management program suitable for your NFP.


For more information or to Apply for any of Aon’s insurance policies (including Aon’s Cyber cover) please visit: aon.com.au/QCOSS  If you have any queries, Nathan Richmond from the NFP team 02 8623 4222 will be happy to help.


NOTE: QCOSS does not underwrite or provide any advice in relation to QCOSS Community Cover. All enquiries as to the scope, terms and cost of QCOSS Community Cover should be directed to Aon. QCOSS receives a commission from Aon when they sell QCOSS Community Cover products and that enables QCOSS to provide insurance and risk management assistance to the community sector.