QCOSS Community Cover - insurance with Aon


Aon are proudly QCOSS’ new approved insurance broker, and are excited to introduce you to 2 great initiatives: a 10% discount* and the Insurance Puzzle Solver.

10% discount:

To celebrate our new partnership with QCOSS, we’re pleased to offer a 10% discount on the total price of your current renewal*. All you have to do is provide us with the most recent copy of your renewal documents from your current insurer or insurance broker before October 30th 2016.


Are you missing a piece of your insurance puzzle?

Feedback from our NFP customers and association partners revealed that organising insurance is a daunting and confusing experience. Too many insurance options and too much jargon often makes NFPs feel nervous about whether they will actually be covered in the event of a claim.

So, we developed the Insurance Puzzle Solver, a customer-friendly online tool that, in just 10 questions about your organisation can recommend  and allow you to apply for, the right insurance pieces. The new online form also contains handy, jargon-free to help explain difficult questions.

As an insurance broker, we understand that asking the right questions is key to ensuring you get the right cover, and our Insurance Puzzle Solver will help to make that process quicker, less stressful and with our 10% discount, cheaper too. For any questions, our dedicated NFP team can also assist.

NOTE: QCOSS does not underwrite or provide any advice in relation to QCOSS Community Cover. All enquiries as to the scope, terms and cost of QCOSS Community Cover should be directed to Aon. QCOSS receives a commission from Aon when they sell QCOSS Community Cover products and that enables QCOSS to provide insurance and risk management assistance to the community sector.

For more information, or to try Aon’s new Insurance Puzzle Solver and apply for their insurance, visit: aon.com.au/QCOSS or call their NFP team on 1800 123 266.