QCOSS condemns major party views on youth crime

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Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) CEO Aimee McVeigh has condemned the Liberal-National Party’s youth curfew policy proposal, the refusal of the Labor party to rule out implementing a similar curfew and repugnant comments about how Queensland’s families should look and behave.

Ms McVeigh says we live in a state with newly enacted human rights protections, which reflect our values of freedom, respect, equality and dignity.

“We should be celebrating diversity and if policies are to be introduced that limit our rights and freedoms, they should be justified.

“We have all had a really tough year and we know how hard it is when our freedoms are curtailed. Children and families need support, and a curfew will only cause further isolation and hurt Queenslanders.

“Children and young people should be safe to experience age appropriate freedom – not placed in handcuffs, held in watchhouses or locked in prisons away from their families, community and culture. The answer to this is not curfews or fines.

“Instead of further entrenching people into crime, let’s address the real, systemic issue. A whole of system response is required to address the root cause of crime and recidivism in our society – poverty, trauma, and a lack of support for families.”

Ms McVeigh says she is aghast at the comments from a Labor MP that youth crime has increased because of the Howard government’s Baby Bonus and the collapse of the ‘traditional family unit’.

“It is horrifying to hear these false views espoused. We’re not in the 1950s anymore – the world has changed, but it seems that the major parties haven’t got the memo.

“Families come in all shapes and sizes – whether children are raised by a single parent, an LGBTIQA+ family, by their grandparents, or by two parents, Queenslanders celebrate this diversity, and our politicians should too.”

Ms McVeigh says she is also concerned by the lack of opposition from Queensland Labor on the LNP’s proposal.

“The Premier should make it clear that baseless policies like a youth curfew will not be considered if she is to form government again.”

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