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QCOSS has been reviewing and developing a broad housing policy framework, and has released a draft Housing Position Statement for consultation. As part of this consultation process we recently held a Housing Briefing for housing stakeholders, concurrently with a Housing Survey which runs until the end of this week.

Housing Briefing

Thirty-two housing stakeholders attended the QCOSS Housing Briefing on 23 May as part of the Essential Services Consultative Group meeting. These participants included social services, community and affordable housing providers, social housing, property, seniors and tenant peak bodies, and housing and energy consultants.

QCOSS Senior Policy Officer, Rodney Holmes explained the Housing Policy Review that developed the Housing Policy Framework, and the eight domains of the framework which make up the new draft QCOSS Housing Position:

  1. Establish Housing Leadership
  2. Reform Tax Incentives
  3. Increase Incomes
  4. Reform and Invest in Social and Affordable Housing
  5. Improve Land Planning
  6. Protect Renters
  7. Reform Homelessness Programs
  8. Innovate Specialist Housing

During the presentation there was plenty of discussion around the eight domains with participants offering valuable feedback, comments and suggestions. QCOSS will incorporate this feedback into the final version of the Housing Position Statement.

Housing Survey

We have now received 45 responses to the Housing Survey, which still runs until the end of this week. Respondents include housing and homelessness workers, consultants, managers, CEOs and individuals. Once the survey has concluded we will incorporate the results and feedback into the final version of the Housing Position Statement, and also publish a summary of the results.

So far, interim results show that on average, respondents are agreeing or strongly agreeing with all Position Statements and Recommended Actions. Some respondents took the time to express their overall agreement qualitatively. Not everyone agreed with everything, and some of those disagreeing have kindly explained their views. This is very helpful, as is those who made suggestions about what they feel we missed or under-emphasized.

Everyone has some housing knowledge or experience, professionally or personally, so we would be very happy for anyone to complete the survey. Thanks!


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