QCOSS Member Profile – Alicia Weiderman

  • Alicia Weiderman
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Alicia Weiderman owns and operates Ingersoll Consulting. Ingersoll Consulting exists to build stronger communities.

Alicia and the great team at Ingersoll, oversee work with clients in the community. They strive to help other organisations (private and public) have the greatest impact for their effort.

“We work with Government, business and communities to drive improved performance and connection, leading to better outcomes.

“Ingersoll Consulting provides services to Government and to organisations that deliver government services to the public. We work primarily in the employment and social services field.”

Alicia has a vision to see all Queenslanders supported to achieve a quality life. The best part of her job is experiencing successful collaboration; seeing positive results for individuals receiving assistance from our service provider partners.

“We want people to have better jobs, better opportunities and better life outcomes through the work we do. We absolutely believe in the power of education and work to change lives and work with organisations who share this view.”

“We believe in social equality and a fair go, regardless of the circumstances of individuals. We want to encourage efficiency, quality and professionalism in service delivery to create the greatest possible improvement in people’s lives.”

To make the lives of clients better, Alicia would like, “For employers and the community to see the benefits of giving disadvantaged people an opportunity to improve their lives.”

You can find out more about Ingersoll Consulting here

5 July 2018