QCOSS Member Profile - Carolyn Brown, Bigby Brown

After years working across the business and not-for-profit sectors, Carolyn Brown and Mariejan Bigby identified a startling trend: ever-changing legislation was becoming a major hurdle for community organisations.


And so the Toowoomba-based pair founded Bigby Brown, providing shared-service support to help not-for-profits remain sustainable.


“Mariejan and I founded Bigby Brown in 2016, when we saw that for not-for-profits need to embrace change in order to survive,” Ms Brown said.


“Many of the committees and/or boards running these organisations started initially from people wanting to do their best for a great cause.


“Unfortunately, many of these same people did not have the required business or governance skills to meet and comply with ever-changing legislative requirements.


“Bigby Brown was born. Basically, we support their businesses, so they can focus on delivering outstanding service.”


Compliance with legislation like the Human Services Quality Framework has proved especially challenging for the sector, placing huge demands on time and resources.


Ms Brown said not-for-profits’ working environment will continue to rapidly change, and organisations need to put strong business structures in place to ensure their survival.


“They need to embrace business models, while still delivering their individual core functions. They need to be sustainable,” Ms Brown said.


“We see our involvement will be ever-increasing, whether it be by improving business models, workflows, outsourcing or through mergers and acquisi