QCOSS Member Profile - Fleur Johnston

Fleur Johnston is the Managing Director of J&G Consulting in West End, Brisbane.

J&G is a for-purpose consulting firm that specialises in business strategy, organisational design and human behavior change. Fleur tells us that the team at J&G predominantly work with clients in the public service and not-for-profit sectors and seek to collaborate with organisations that are making a positive difference in the world.

“We hold specific expertise in health, education and the delivery of social services; we also hold niche interest in working within faith-based environments,” she says.

Enabling change for good is the shared vision at J&G Consulting.

“Our picture is one where organisations that actively make a difference in social change, community care, improving the world in some way, are also organisations that are thriving, fantastic places to work.”

Psychologists and human resource folk largely make up the expert J&G team. Culturally they value high quality relationships, trust and transparency, authenticity and excellence in all the work they do.

“We’re data driven and evidence based but above all, we value the unique qualities that exist in each organisation because at the end of the day, all organisations are made up of their own unique combination of humans.”

“Through maintaining our footprint as a boutique agency, we stay committed to offering top shelf services and support without having to pass on multi-national overheads; we support locally and also look to have an impact globally through the philanthropic contributions our work enables us to make.”   

When asked about what drives her, Fleur will tell you that while growing up, she was afforded incredible insight into human capacity to endure, and to strive for something better.

“I grew up in a family with a bi-polar alcoholic father and a mother who kept us all together through her phenomenal strength, determination and care. Her capacity to play the role of diplomat on international business trips when things were going well, and to equally hold her head high when we needed the Salvation Army to feed us at Christmas when they were not.”

Fleur tells, “When my youngest sibling was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 9 and passed away at just 13 years of age it gave me another depth of insight into the experiences that others around me live through each day; their grit, their resilience and above all, their capacity for change.

“Change and transformation have been underlying components in my life always.”

“Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to study psychology, have been supported to develop professionally through a range of fantastic roles in government, and am now incredibly grateful to lead an amazing group of practitioners in private practice. Through all these chapters, my fascination with human capacity for individual, organisational and social change has persisted.

“Knowing that life can be better for those who are struggling, suffering, hurting or in need, because of the work that our clients do, is most definitely what drives me.”

To make one thing better for the lives of her clients, Fleur would see that they might do the amazing things they do for others, in a way that is life-giving and sustaining for themselves.

The absence of clear strategy, good organisational design or under-investment in supporting the workforce are the things she would most wish to change for her clients.

Fleur’s hope for Queensland’s future is that Queensland leads the world in looking beyond the traditional barriers to collaboration that so often prevent us from genuinely tapping into the full range of social and economic resources we have available to make life better for everyone.

And the best part of the job for Fleur?

“Watching a client get clear on, and execute, a significant change that genuinely impacts the way someone experiences life for the better; kids in classrooms, the elderly in care; women escaping DV; support on mental health recovery journeys.

“Every story matters and knowing we’ve played just the tiniest part is without question the best part of my job.”