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  • Heidi Fisher
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The dedicated community service sector member we are profiling this week is Heidi Fisher.

Heidi works for Healthy Options Australia (HOA) which consists of three entities including Drug ARM Australasia, the Mental Health Association QLD and the Australian College of Community Services (ACCS).

HOA has served the community for 169 years and is now one of the largest providers of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services in the areas of alcohol and other drugs and mental health in Australia.

The organisation strives to support people, families and communities to improve physical, mental and spiritual health by addressing the harmful effects that alcohol and other drugs can have in people’s lives.

As the Training and Development Manager, Heidi works with all parts of the organisation.

“My role is to build meaningful partnerships with our clients and stakeholders, to understand their development needs and help to create solutions that can fit seamlessly into their daily practice and organisational culture.”

Heidi works collaboratively with front line workers, management and top academics to produce materials of exceptional quality so that clients are equipped to deal with the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Her goal is to “Help professionals and organisations reach their full potential by providing access to quality resources and support, enabling them to perform their jobs and supporting others in the best way possible.”

A love of training and a desire to make a difference are both important to Heidi.

“A personal love of the journey of life-long learning has had me working in the education field for quite some time. I am inspired by the idea of making a real impact through upskilling and empowering the service provider workforce. I believe there is a flow-on effect that can change people and communities for the better.”

HOA is all about encouraging individuals to make positive choices and inspire action for the health and emotional wellbeing of communities by strengthening community relationships and social networks to provide support, friendship, love and hope.

“The vision of HOA is flourishing people and communities and their mission to engage, encourage and empower.”

Everyday at HOA provides a fresh incentive for Heidi to contribute to this by creating something new.

“My natural curiosity is sparked every day. When identifying and developing new education resources, being that the landscape of society and research is ever-changing, I enjoy using technology to respond to industry needs with training solutions that are relevant and timely.”

She loves, “To embrace change, value diversity, to listen and learn from each other so that we can identify and support the needs of the most vulnerable people in our community.”

You can learn more about HOA here

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