QCOSS Member Profile - Paul Santiago

Paul Santiago is the Director of an organisation which is based in Riverview, Queensland.

Creative Cultural Community (CCC) is a not-for-profit organisation that has been created to assist the labour market in developing creative programs and encourage enterprise initiatives for long-term unemployed, women re-entering the work force, mature-aged persons acquiring the necessary training and skill to be gainfully employed and new immigrants seeking assistance, direction and career paths in our diverse cultural country.

Paul himself was born in India and immigrated to Australia in 1987. He studied music and music business management and has been performing, teaching and recoding music for the past thirty years.

Paul feels driven by the rich cultural diversity in Australia, and he started the organisation to give back to the multicultural community.

CCC offers three interleaved cross-reference programs. Each program ‘offers itself and is served by’ the other programs, bringing interaction thoughts and ideas to fruition. The programs are manual arts, creative arts and digital arts.

“Our research indicates that work experience programs currently running in the Brisbane area lack important ingredients so the organisational values are to work with our clients to develop:

  • team spirit;
  • group interaction;
  • consultation with the group;
  • healthy debating within participants;
  • problem solving within a team environment;
  • team leadership and individual confidence; and
  • challenges and eagerness to compete within the group to succeed.

“Tolerance is the main thing in life.” says Paul. “More tolerance is the key to making the lives of CCC clients better.”

Paul believes that digital technology can detract from the worth of human connectedness.

“People are so friendly and polite when you actually take the trouble to make an appointment and meet them, rather than interact with them through emails!”

When asked about his vision for Queensland’s future and particularly for vulnerable people, Paul said he believes that integration into the Australian way of life will make a difference.

The best part of Paul’s job is that he gets to oversee all aspects of each program and he gets to promote creativity.