Staff profile: Rose McGrath – Senior Policy Officer

  • Image of Rose McGrath, QCOSS Senior Policy Officer
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Rose McGrath is a Senior Policy Officer working in the cost of living policy space. She has a particular focus and passion for ensuring vulnerable people on lower incomes can achieve financial inclusion.

“Our market and systems do not give all people a fair go,” she says. “They aren’t people-centric and are balanced in favour of business. It’s important to ensure essential services are accessible and affordable, and that vulnerable people can access such services.”

Rose started out her career as an economist in the United Kingdom before relocating to Brisbane in 1994. She spent a few years working at the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works as a senior housing analyst, before moving back to Ireland for several years.

Her journey in social services began at the Combat Poverty Agency, which aimed to ensure anti-poverty and social inclusion objectives are integrated into all areas of policy making.

“This approach recognises the multidimensional nature of poverty and social exclusion, and the need for multi-layered policy responses if there is to be a decisive impact on poverty.”

She is proud to advocate on behalf of vulnerable consumers.

“The inequitable distribution of essential service costs across households has serious social and economic implications,” she says. “It’s therefore imperative for corporate, government and community service sectors to work together… to address these challenges.”

“Without these services people cannot go about their everyday business – they need them to find work, keep healthy, and provide safe and comfortable homes.”

Rose loves working with the community sector and supporting them in their vital work.

“An exciting part of working at QCOSS is that we can work with the community services sector to build cohesive, skilled and motivated partnerships to bring about positive change.”

Rose also has an extensive history of volunteering – helping out at homeless hostels in London, and supporting people with disabilities to enjoy recreational activities in Ireland. In Australia she continues to volunteer on weekends supporting people with their bills and ensuring food security.

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