QCOSS PULSE - Stories from Queensland Communities

The stories we hear and the stories we tell affect how we view the world and the future we create together!

Challenging and changing stories of division and fear, and finding and celebrating positive stories of connection and strength are essential in building a better tomorrow for our community and ourselves!

In November 2017, QCOSS outlined a Manifesto for Change in our election statement.  It describes QCOSS’ asks of a new government. 

We called for … a government that leads with vision; a government that listens; a government that acts together ... in an effort to really affect change. 

In early 2018 we decided to broaden this approach to our conference and take the step to make the change.

Movement for Change was born, and a missing element was the positive stories people around Queensland were telling about their communities 

We needed to gather these stores to begin to change our own focus as well as the focus of those around us.

So using participatory process we engaged in a conversation across Queensland.

The focus being on what is working; what we value in our communities and what are the stories we want to tell, have told and hear.

This story book is a compilation of the conversations we had in 20 locations across Queensland throughout the month of February.

It is not intended to be a direct record of what was said but an opportunity to highlight the key themes and ideas we have about what is working in our communities.


Real people, real feelings, real stories! (Townsville)