QCOSS State Conference postponed

It is with disappointment that we have made the decision to postpone the QCOSS State Conference which was due to be held on 31 October and 1 November.  Registration numbers to date have been far lower than anticipated and we want to make sure that everyone who is involved in the conference has a positive and meaningful experience.  

Feedback to date has been that people's heavy workloads and commitments at this time of year have made it difficult for many people to attend.

This decision was not made lightly and we regret any inconvenience it has caused. However in making this decision we are now able to explore different opportunities in the new year.

We will be putting on some webinars and other events with the speakers we had programmed for the conference and details will be available soon. We are also committed to putting on a conference before the end of the financial year.

If you have any queries, please contact Karen Murphy, Senior Manger Communication on 0423 245 252 or [email protected]



We will be holding a lunch with Belinda Bell on Tuesday 31 October where she will share with us her journey and experience with social enterprise. We hope you can make it.

Lunch with Belinda Bell - Journey of a social entrepreneur