QCOSS welcomes Imprisonment and Recidivism draft report

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QCOSS welcomes the Queensland Productivity Commission’s release of its draft report into Imprisonment and Recidivism. Several of our suggestions from the QCOSS submission are specifically referenced by the report, including changing the counter-productive ‘tough on crime’ narrative, rebalancing the investment in justice towards an early intervention and prevention and treating imprisonment as a last resort.

Several of our recommendations to the inquiry are supported in the report’s draft recommendations, including ensuring proportionality, investigating alternatives to incarceration and adequate investment in support services like reintegration through care.

The report also makes the significant recommendation to decriminalise offences where the cost of criminalisation outweigh the benefits, such as public order, illicit drug and regulatory offences.

QCOSS will continue to recommend consideration of successful justice reinvestment programs and the framing of all reforms within a human rights framework, paying close attention to groups experiencing disadvantage that make them more vulnerable to injustice.

Read the Imprisonment and Recidivism draft report

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