QFCA welcomes Minister O’Rourke’s Thriving Communities Grants

The Queensland Families and Communities Association welcomes the announcement by Minister O’Rourke to award Thriving Communities Grants to 73 neighbourhood centres across Queensland. Over $600,000 has been invested into communities, which the peak body of neighbourhood centres says will enhance local communities and provide essential infrastructure to services.

“Neighbourhood centres are not only the first place people go to find help in a local area but provide community activities which unite and strengthen neighbourhoods,” QFCA president Tomas Passeggi said.

“The flow on effects are that these communities will have a higher rates of wellbeing, lower mental health issues and greater resilience when facing challenges.”

One grant recipient, the Whitsunday Neighbourhood Centre, was first on the scene of Tropical Cyclone Debbie, coordinating community assistance to local residents in the weeks following the devastation. The centre was recently nominated for the 2018 Queensland Community Achievement Award. The grant will provide infrastructure around the neighbourhood centre for the local community.

Other neighbourhood centres plan to use the Thriving Grants funds boost to run community events, build playgrounds, upgrade IT infrastructure, train volunteers, establish men’s sheds and conduct local community development activities.

“Neighbourhood centres are the backbone of communities across Queensland and we welcome every opportunity to see them support the functioning of healthy and thriving neighbourhoods,” stated Mr Passeggi.

“This is the first grants program the QFCA has run with the Queensland Government and we look forward to continuing our partnership as we continue to develop the neighbourhood centre program across Queensland.”

For media enquiries, please contact:

QFCA President Tomas Passeggi on 0414 547 855 or email [email protected]